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Bring Your Kid To Work Day

Make Bring Your Kid to Work Day a memorable and morale building event!


Children and young adults from 6-18 will get a chance to see where Parents/Grandparents/Guardians work, and what they do at your place of business.

By using the M2W BYKTWD strategies you’ll save time and money while providing your valued employees with a very dynamic company event. Here are just some of the BYKTWD services we provide:

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  • Blueprint of how to execute the day:

    • Timeline established for when to announce your BYKTWD event all the way to inviting parents/volunteers to join in the fun

    • Suggestions for the length of each activity/transition times based on how your office is laid out.   Example: You choose droning for the older children, your offices don’t lend themselves well to this activity you may need a couple of outdoor tents for this

    • How to divide the age groups and provide fun and trending STEM activities

    • Graphics for posters and digital announcements about the event

    • Easy plug n’ play templates regarding the event/volunteers/flow of the day’s activities provided and customized for your company

    • How to handle security for the kids while in your building and release after the event

    • Meals/Snacks- nutritional help and help with food allergies

    • A special scavenger hunt game that kids play throughout the day between STEM stations

    • Post-event survey---get feedback to make next year even better

  • Complete STEM Activities that we can provide for small or large gatherings, complete and ready to go

  • On-site staff to handle the entire event for you from fun presenters to meal and snack servers

  • Don’t need us on-site? We can train your staff and volunteers

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