Stay out of my bathroom (PLEASE)

In an effort to heighten the awareness of diversity in the workplace this is my second in a series of three blogs that deal with diversity in the workplace. Diversity is not only about race, religion, gender and partner preferences, often an issue when it comes to whether or not an employee and spouse are covered on an employers’ insurance. It’s also about the ability to do your job regardless of your disability.

After dealing with major heel reconstruction and ending up in wheelchairs or knee scooters for 90 days each episode respectively, I no longer take over the handicap accessible restroom in public restrooms… before being inflicted with a disability for a length of time that made me stand up (excuse the pun) and take notice.

I believe that diversity in the workplace comes from the top down, this is more than guidelines of how to construct a facility to accommodate people with certain disabilities (i.e. The 2012 Texas Accessibility Standards-every state has one) it has to be a culture within an organization.

One facility that should be saluted for their ongoing efforts regarding accessibility to, not only, their educational buildings and grounds but also for their outstanding services for the blind, deaf and special needs students, that facility or, those facilities, belong to Dallas’ very own Dallas County Community College District.

Each campus (there are seven) have extensive maps showing the locations of all the wheelchair accessible ramps, plus all the services available for those that may have some challenges when it comes to accessing the educational materials.

I salute the DCCCD for their disability accessibility compliance and a special thanks to Adrienne Thompson whose showing off her DCCCD pride in the photo below.

So, the next time you are in a public restroom and heading for the handicap restroom, now more commonly known as the accessibility challenged restroom…STOP!

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