People used to shop for FUN

People used to shop for FUN.

…not any more

…Retailers! You need to bring back that “retailtainment” or perish!

Years ago when Experiential Marketing was coming into its own, retailers used to offer up some amazing activities and fun events for their consumers. At M2W, alone, we have performed Baby Safety seminars in grocery stores, diaper derbies directly in front of cash registers and even married people in retail stores with a consumer promotion that was titled Say I Do and Walk Down this AISLE.

Over the past five years, as purchases leave the brick and mortar environment more every day and move to online purchases the “sex appeal” and “fun” of going shopping is dwindling as online retailers give people even more incentive not to set foot inside a retail store. The numbers are staggering, says in 2016, 209.6 million had browsed products and bought something online at least once; in 2021 that number is expected to reach 230.5 million, this is in the US alone. These figures enable the US to claim bragging rights as one of the leaders in e-commerce based on online shopping penetration.

It’s tough enough that these retailers have to compete with the convenience of online shopping, but now so many of the online retailers are giving more incentives, incentive that are convenience plus with things like free shipping or ”not only do you not have to make the effort to come to our store, we’ll even get the products to you absolutely free…”

A few retailers are bringing back “retailtainment”, stores like Macy’s are offering targeted events in different departments appealing to different lifestyles of their customers. For example, an event called Prince Charming in their shoe department where a handsome Prince Charming puts the shoe on a customers’ foot and the shoe fits, the customer keeps the shoe! We all know there’s a little Emelda Marcos in all of us!

Or Pier One Imports, combining creativity (which is definitely necessary for interior design), some adult libations and a fabulous takeaway with Pier One’s wine glass painting events. These are just two examples of bringing back “retailtainment” to stores that make shopping a fun excursion versus a quick stop into a store for the bare necessities. Retailtainment isn’t going to stop the e-commerce behemoth Amazon from doing what it does best, and that is gain customers and make them ridiculously loyal…probably why reached just shy of $220.957 billion in sales for the twelve months ending September 30th according to

And…it’s the millennials that love Amazon…so how can those retailers bring those millennials back… What do you think?


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