• Clare Wynne

Instagram Museums: A Consumer Experience Agency Owner's Dream Come True!

"It’s an experience with fruit that is wholly unforgettable; a place where discovery and delight drive you from fruit to fruit, room to room. Take a bite into the magic. Come fruit with us." Andrew Zhou CEO & Founder of World of Fruit Consumer Experience

Such an amazing exhibit of creativity and the ability to intertwine a consumer/attendee directly into the exhibit...Zhou has done an incredible job of thinking of every last detail.

I encourage you to visit WOF not just for the photo effects, but extremely interesting facts, for example...did you know that Pineapple contains latex? That's right latex! So if you don't feel well after eating pineapple AND you know that you are allergic to latex...VOILA...there's your reason for not feeling so hot after munching down on this tropical fruit! There are many more fun facts you'll learn on your guided tour. When I got there at first I thought a guided tour???? YUK! Honestly the staff completely enhanced my experience, so if you run into Chevy, Faith, Alyssa or Brandon they are all incredible WOF tour guides.

A big part of measuring the success of an Experiential Marketing Execution lies in how many social media interactions stem directly from the event you have created for a client. Everywhere I looked during my visit the attendees were busy taking pictures on the "props" then swapping places and taking another photo, I can only imagine the number of social shares that occurred just on the day I visited. The exhibit is open the end of September and is located at 716 N. La Brea Ave in Los Angeles. Tickets aren't inexpensive, $30 a head, but you do get some delicious fruit along the way and as I said, photos galore...The final two pics below are the GRAPE room and then the Berry Forrest...#worldoffruit #m2winc #saviorsoftheuniverse


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