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Updated: Jun 4

As everyone seems to be reflecting on 2019, I thought it a good idea to look at some of our core 2019 experiential execution highlights and share the events and some pretty cool photos too, as we are definitely thankful to all the customers that stay with us year after year. The variety of consumer events that we execute keep our staff hopping and learning, and that only makes us better for the year to come and the year after that...this will be year 22 for M2W. Our 22nd year of developing and producing consumer experiences to help brands increase brand awareness and ultimately sales and bottom-line profits.

So let's start with our Super Bowl Guerrilla Execution for our favorite cell phone customer...

The game was in Atlanta the New England Patriots vs the Los Angeles Rams, Pats won 13-3. We took over MARTA and then wound our way around the streets of Atlanta spreading magenta love!

Blue Diamond Growers Gluten-Free Expos - 1st half of 2019.

Bring Your Kid To Work Day at T-Mobile Headquarters in Seattle. Over 400 T-Mobile

Macy's Prince Charming - April 2019

Macy's Mother's Day

Santa Monica Pier- with Popcorn cart pic and this large team

World Pride in New York City

7-Eleven Grand Openings -

Vera Bradley- so much of what we execute comes in the form of prepping for an upcoming event, like measuring the windows of 153 Vera Bradley stores across the US.

And so we close out our 21st year in business, many agencies don't see year 5...but it takes loyal associates, it takes gumption, it takes now allow me to get a bit sentimental.

While we appreciate all of our customers, it doesn't hold a candle to how much I appreciate and honor two long-time staff members at M2W. That would be Christine Baker (since 1998, day two of M2W's debut), Rob Pequeno (since 2001).

Just a little bit about these two that I think is pretty neat from this past year...

A) Christine, this holiday season was able to take a near 6-week sabbatical, to be with her family and completely enjoy the holiday season without nurturing her customers through the holidays; and,

B) A big congratulations to Rob Pequeno and his long-time girlfriend Ann on their engagement, he took her to Paris to pop the question and it simply doesn't get more romantic than that.

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