CASE STUDY: Custom Ordering Portal - LAMarketshare



There is strength in numbers....especially when those numbers are marketing dollars!. In 2012, the newest kid on the block in the prepay mobile category, MetroPCS,  partnered with M2W on the west coast and developed a marketing co-op program where dealers went to an online portal to purchase marketing tactics. These tactics were grass roots, results driven and...wait for it... super reasonably priced because MetroPCS picked up over 50% of the tab...

Dealers were slow to buy-in, but through perseverance by local M2W management working with the MetroPCS management team the program,, went from a 20% dealer participation (buy-in to the program) to over 90% in five years. MetroPCS dealer dollars went further on tactics they could see, touch and took place at their dealer doors; MetroPCS marketing dollars went further due to the dealer offset of funds which enabled MetroPCS to spread their marketing dollars further for more reach!


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