Relentless in 2018

January 3, 2018

One of the many perks of working for M2W is being a part of the long anticipated annual Director’s Cruise. The 2017 destination was the Bahamas Islands. For this year’s meeting presentations, our mantra was coined “Relentless 2018” and we examined how our team will apply this work attitude moving forward into the new year.


Say “company culture” and I will say M2W has been without brick or mortar for more than 10 years now, allowing all employees to work remotely from home. If you’ve never done it, you may not understand the responsibility and discipline involved in working as a consummate marketing professional. In my opinion, M2W is a well-oiled machine and the relationships among our nationwide team are greatly intact. Simply put, work first, play second and sometimes vice versa.


Traditionally, people who cruise to the beautiful blue waters of the Bahamas have no intentions on working. Well…we did exactly that. Three full days of presentations by each director along with 2 days of fun in the sun. Everything has a price, right? Our presentations covered a variety of topics – our products and services, company finances, employee handbook, customer relationship management tools, customer service philosophies with a large emphasis on how to elevate M2W and our experiential marketing ideas and services for our current and future customers.

Often it’s said “create an amazing idea, the client will find the money to see it thru”. In other words, if you build it they will come.

But, what’s an arduous working career if you can’t have any fun? Despite expecting an incredible work ethic, the president of M2W is a pretty generous boss. Arriving in style with our own M2W branded carry-on suitcases, accompanied with sleek, black long-sleeve team tee-shirts and branded gear, we were bonused with a $200 cruise ship credit to spend on our personal desires. Among other team building games, laughs and high fives, the highlight for all of us was spending a free day at Half Moon Cay, followed by a day in the Atlantis Adventure Water Park. These several days were for reflecting and relaxing. Half reward but also half preparation with 2018 in the cross-hairs.