Fun On The Fly

Summer is coming... Ready to join the latest experiential marketing craze? Let me introduce Experiential Marketing on Wheels


I absolutely love this tactic because it leaves so much room for creativity. The more creative the vehicle, the more attention it grabs. Everybody knows the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile. Just check out some more examples below...

 M2W has recently purchased a new food truck to turn into a fun new promotional marketing machine. I cannot wait to get my hands on it and do something creative with some lucky client's brand. Makeover time! Imagine a rolling karaoke machine with a portable stage and "Sing for your Swag". How about a snack food or dog food/treat sampling program moving from park to park (including dog parks!)?  Let's get a brand out there launching summer by giving away branded flip flops for National Flip-Flop Day on June 15th. Not to mention Food Truck Festivals are abundant.


There are so many possibilities that my mind is buzzing. We can put together a great guerilla campaign using our food truck or for a more nimble approach, a bike and trailer or food cart! Someone call us soon and give me a creative focus to build an "uber-cool" campaign. (pun intended) Let's get your brand on the street! ;)