Grand Openings = Grand Slam

April 3, 2018


When it comes to ROI (Return On Investment) of a Grand Opening, some folks will measure attendance, some will track sales over time, number of samples given or social media analytics and yet others will look at the cash register at the end of day. How big box retailers and local boutiques define success is different across the board and frankly very complicated. I guess as long as our measuring stick is in place, that’s all we can ask for as marketers, right?


What if we’re measuring the return on a grand opening that has the wrong marketing plan?  Often times it takes a clever marketing mixture of tactics and strategies to make a memorable event. Here a just a few winning M2W ideas.

  • Food Truck – Feed the people. Tacos and pizza’s to snow cones and milkshakes is all it takes

  • VR Experience – transform reality to mentality and record your customers acting “virtual”

  • Screen Printing – allow your customer to screen or sub-dye your favorite gift

  • Blender Bike – put a fun and healthy “spin” on sampling  

  • Cash Cube – grab the cash and redeem for branded products

  • On-site Sweepstakes – a vacation sweepstakes tied to social media that “Goes Live”