Passion = Success

It has come to my attention that there are those that just work for a paycheck, doing the bare minimum to keep their jobs and keep the boss happy. Then there are the true Passionistas. I am crazy, girl crush over the top insanely "passionate" about Passionistas.   These Passionistas (and M2W has a few of them (so I'm very lucky))...go the extra mile, think their projects through, get waaaay ahead of the client and hardly ever, ever make me say, "...did you think of that, or why don't you do this...???" They have such a passion for working on behalf of their client that they

A) have zero trouble charging the client TOP DOLLAR for their efforts because they know they are worth it;

B) seem to get into their clients' the client what they want before the client ever has to mention it...NEWSFLASH...your customer will pay for good service and saving them time and money (but that's a whole different blog)!

Passionistas are not only found in the marketing world, they are everywhere. Have you ever had an awesome waiter or a great associate at the supermarket check-out? How about a receptionist at a hotel counter? After you interact with these public-servant Passionistas... don't you just walk away going..."WOW, they are GOOD!"? It's not that they are GOOD... just PASSIONATE about what they do.  Sure, good training helps, but training, coaching and a good leader only go so far in a career, hobby or even professional sports...if you don't have passion for what you do...then time to GET OUT!


In fact, speaking of passion, this blog has made me want to put Passionista on a few shirts, perhaps I'll "passionately" give them away or "passionately" sell them...hmmm...could this be a new line of work that I'm passionate about?   So check out a few of my passions...then buy the shirt...$25 each...LOL!





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