Blind Woman Knows How To Shake It!

August 29, 2018

So last week I posted a blog from co-worker Rob Pequeno that addressed a quick turn-around project for a large mobile phone service provider that centered around diversity. To lead into that blog on the LinkedIn post I had inferred that not enough companies actually “walk-the-walk” when it comes to recognizing diversity and offering up opportunities to those with disabilities. So this week I wanted to share with you the recognition of one of our M2W independent contractors. She is one of the best of the best at sign shaking. Ms. Porter is truly great at what she does and that’s bringing people in to purchase phones and services.  

There is another player in my story today outside of Pam Porter, the Jacksonville Transit Authority. Thanks to the Jacksonville Transit Authority, Pam gets to stand on street corners, and it’s not what you think. Pam is legally blind and unable to drive but commutes to work through the JTA. Pam is currently an independent contractor for M2W, and has been a honor to have her on our team. We look forward to growing with Pam who helps us understand her diversity, while working with her day to day challenges.


Another thanks goes to MetroPCS of Jacksonville. They hire our M2W Sign Shaker teams and the MetroPCS stores are very flexible in the face of diversity. Ultimately, Pam is able to make her shifts and help mobile phone provider MetroPCS invite more customers into their stores by actively getting attention through sign shaking. Now this sign shaking is truly an art, moving, lifting and shaking the sign, in unbearable heat and deal with winds that sometimes want to whisk you and your sign away. 


Pam’s disability isn’t stopping her from earning a nice income as an M2W/MetroPCS sign shaker. Many cities don’t have a transit authority that will pick you up and take you where you need to be to earn a living…a special thanks again to the JTA!


Pam is so appreciative of what M2W has been able to offer her that she is very supportive of the Experiential Marketing Company…"I have never worked with a company like M2W with such standards, work ethics, and their passion for people. I have never worked with a company so interested in their assignments, that take pride in their people, environment, employees, customers and so compassionate towards all of us as individuals”.


M2W is a 100% female owned business based in Dallas, TX; with associate offices on the East and West Coasts.