People used to shop for FUN

January 14, 2019


People used to shop for FUN.

…not any more

…Retailers! You need to bring back that “retailtainment” or perish!


Years ago when Experiential Marketing was coming into its own, retailers used to offer up some amazing activities and fun events for their consumers.  At M2W, alone, we have performed Baby Safety seminars in grocery stores, diaper derbies directly in front of cash registers and even married people in retail stores with  a consumer promotion that was titled Say I Do and Walk Down this AISLE.



Over the past five years, as purchases leave the brick and mortar environment more every day and move to online purchases the “sex appeal” and “fun” of going shopping is dwindling as online retailers give people even more incentive not to set foot inside a retail store. The numbers are staggering,