What is success?

March 5, 2018



I’m sure you’re aware of the giant companies like Amazon and Google and what makes them so great. You hear stories about free schooling, free gourmet food and snacks, free rides to & from work, complimentary dry cleaning and bring your pup to work day. Other companies have cool think tanks, cozy nap rooms and give project managers “massage credits” for a job well done. Free, free, free…everything free! But what makes them work hard if everything is given to them? I’d like to take a moment and go beyond the free culture and share with you what makes the diamond at M2W sparkle so brightly.


1)      Love Always wins: The employee’s at M2W treat each other and our clients like family and it starts with a deep root of respect for each other.

2)      Outside The Box: M2W consistently provides our clients with brainstorming sessions and always ready to offer up new and exciting ideas.

3)      Client Or The Egg: We know the customer always comes first. The end.

4)      Work Improvements: M2W is nimble, stealth and are always trying to improve ways to perfect processes.

5)      Ah-ha Moments: M2W is a forward thinking company that continues to reinvent itself with new ideas, products and solutions.

6)      No Work Food Chain: No matter what your tenure or role is at M2W, the team is always ready to roll up their sleeves.  From sampling one day, to demonstrate the spin wheel or jump on call for creative ideas and support.

7)      Experienced with Abs: This 20 year-old agency is mean and very lean. With no brick and mortar offices, M2W is able to remain consistently competitive in the marketplace, allowing for low and cost effective strategies and events.

8)      Communication Breakdown: Not around here. In today’s tech age, there’s nowhere to hide so stop running. As apps and “notifications” become increasingly popular, Skype works as a personal In-and-Out message board. BaseCamp is the end all, be all at M2W. Then there’s DropBox, Gmail Drive, Lyft, AirBNB, WhatsApp and Airline apps that mesh work and travel like oatmeal and raisins.


Any good marketing agency’s success is dependent on the skills and success of its staff and always led by a great lea